Under The Sea, Magnesium Spray Deodorant/ Sea Minerals/ Aloe Vera/ Natural Deodorant

Under The Sea, Magnesium Spray Deodorant/ Sea Minerals/ Aloe Vera/ Natural Deodorant


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Under The Sea Magnesium Spray Deodorant. Natural and Effective!

My new Under The Sea Magnesium Chloride Spray Deodorant contains magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands, along with trace minerals from the sea.

It is estimated that 80% of people are deficient in magnesium and that low levels of this minerals can be an underlying issue of body odor. Magnesium chloride is an extremely effective tool to fight body odor without any harmful chemicals.

I have formulated this deodorant to be soothing to the skin (although some "tingling" may occur initially-especially if applied right after shaving). Witch hazel and Aloe Vera, along with magnesium oil and pure essential oils make this a POWERHOUSE of a deodorant!

Here's the bonus: Not only is this a wonderful deodorant, it is also great for sore muscles, and if you have a blemish, just spray a little on your finger and apply to the affected area. Voila!

Comes in 2oz (great for your gym bag & travel) and 4oz size, glass (cobalt or Amber) spray bottles.


***Purchase a 2oz and 4oz together for only $22! (When purchasing together, please add a note of the scents you would like of each size if you would like them to be different.~Thank you!)

4 scents to choose from:

>>>Tea Tree

****Just a note on Shipping: Any over-charge of shipping costs will be refunded to you after order has shipped. So if you order the 2oz bottle only, then you will definitely get a shipping refund for the over-charge. Thank you for your understanding.**** Please contact me if you have any questions.


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